Video Brochures

Harness the power of video in print.

A video brochure is a great way to quickly set yourself apart from the competition and harness the power of video whilst maintaining the tangibility and familiarity of a printed brochure. This new technology comes to life once the brochure is opened and plays a high quality video on an LCD screen that is embedded within the video brochure.

Agents primarily use these brochures as a tool to win listings, and the results have been significant.  The video brochure can have up to four buttons and can play different videos – for example, an agency overview, agent overview, a video market update and customer video testimonials.

Video Brochures are still a new technology that not a lot of people have seen, giving your marketing a “wow” factor that people will want to show their friends and family. Once you have left a video brochure with a client they WILL show somebody!

Our video brochures come in a range of different sizes and can be designed to suit any application. From a 2.4 Inch screen and a business card sized video brochure up to a 10 inch screen replica of a laptop (which we have done for Microsoft).

Please contact one of the team at Quick Realty to discuss how using a video brochure can change the way you list and sell.

This video testimonial provides some additional information from an existing real estate customer.  We have also provided video brochures outside of the real estate industry to customers such as Microsoft and Tatts Group.