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Real Estate Videos that sell.

A complete video and mobile marketing strategy for real estate.

Quick Realty are video marketing specialists for real estate. Our virtual tours are used by agents all over Australia and New Zealand to highlight key property features and give listings a greater internet presence.

Property buyers are using two mediums to search for property these days – the newspaper and the internet (with the majority of internet property searches coming from mobile devices). Quick Realty ensures that your property listing is visible on every one of these platforms and uses the real estate video to capture a buyers interest and gain emotional attachment.

Why use real estate video?

A real estate video is the best way to gain a buyers emotional interest.

Imagine your property listing showing up on Google when people search for an area!! Having an online presence on Google, Youtube, the agent’s website and major real estate portals will ensure that the right buyers sees your listing and therefore will make an enquiry . A Quick Realty package can do this from under $100.

Recent surveys show that listings with a real estate video have a 400% increase in enquiry rate and also have up to a 6% increase in perceived value. Put your property listing in buyers hands with a Quick Realty real estate video.

Quick Realty have recently introduced Video Brochures into our product offering. Placing the power of your real estate video – in print. Go to our Video Brochures page to find out more.

How many books have you read this year? How many movies have you watched? A Quick Realty Real Estate Video will work for you.

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